I made these pretzels a few nights ago, & wow they were amazing! You have got to try this recipe, I found it on All-Recipes, here’s the link to it =)


The first batch & about half of the second batch was obliterated the first night & the next evening we devoured what few were left. They were ridiculously good, & we don’t come across mall pretzels very often, so it was a real treat to make ’em! Check down a little lower for pretzel pictures, oh & you can see the full size image by clicking on any of the photos =D

I also have a couple pictures below of the vegetables & chicken that I grilled. The grilled goodies were used for making sandwiches out of the first batch of pretzels! I grilled cucumber slices, red pepper strips, radish slices & tomato slices 😉

I’m going to make bagels in a couple days here, super excited about that. I’m going to scour the web for good bagel recipes, but if anyone has any they know, shoot them to me!!

Also, for dinner tonight I am making us a hearty chicken stew using your basic potatoes, onions, carrots & celery. Going to serve it with some noodles, I was going to do parsley dumplings, but I realized I’ve been making a LOT of bread lately & Peter could probably use a little change 😛 😛

Watching Harry Potter #7 part 1 right now & trying to get the nerve to finally make my first souffles. They are fresh fruit souffles that I am making out of persimmon & oranges. I’m feeling a Harry Potter night coming on so when Peter gets home I’m going to see about going & picking up our copy of HP7 part 2 from over at his parents place (we left it there for them to watch =) Wish me luck on those souffles! Peace & Happy Friday,