I made these wonderful pizzas the other day! Before this, I never made pizzas with a rolling pin. I didn’t have one, so I would use a tall glass. Now that I do have one, I can’t believe I ever went without. It’s so much funner to make pizzas when you have a pin! The dough shapes very well, & is pliable, yet flexible when you roll it out, something I hadn’t previously seen in my past pizzas (although still good pizzas!). I was able to actually toss the dough lightly in the air & spin it around with my hands, to widen the circumference of the circle. It was insane, just to see myself doing that & not having it fall apart or tear. A couple of days ago, there is no way I would have believed myself to be able to do that with pizzas. Also, I forgot to take a picture of the bottoms, but I will the next time, because they looked absolutely delish. Anyhow, back to those wonderful pizzas

Funny thing. After I made the dough I discovered that I had no tomato sauce, tomatoes, or even tomato paste! -.- So I went in search of a quick fix, because I didn’t feel like making a white sauce, which would have been my back up idea originally. I went searching through all of our cupboards and found a lonely pack of instant gravy, which I think went rather well, seeing as how these pizzas tasted amazing!

For the other toppings, I used; Grilled Cajun Veggies (broccoli, radishes, celery & caramelized onions), seasoned Ground Beef (brown your ground beef, add 3/4 cup beef stock, salt, pepper & a dash or two of all-spice &  simmer on medium-high heat until the beef stock is reduced/absorbed)  & Swiss Cheese, yumm =)

Here’s the link to the pizza dough recipe I used. Got this off All-recipes, very good recipe & I wouldn’t change a thing. Unless your adding some chopped herbs, lemon zest or other additions to the recipe, that would be awesome 😛 I added 2 tbsp zesty Italian dressing, but it didn’t seem to change the flavor at all, so I don’t suggest that 😛 I don’t have a pizza stone, but these turned out great on normal baking sheets.

There you have it! Experiment & have fun =)

Now for the Butterscotch Pudding. I used the recipe in the Joy-Of-Cooking by Irma S. Rombauer. I highly suggest browning your butter first, & using a much darker brown sugar than I did. I just used your regular brown sugar, which probably accounts for the lighter color. I also suggest adding a little less cornstarch than what the recipe calls for. These had a wonderful, melting flavor, although their light colour & slightly too thick texture thoroughly disappointed me. I will definitely try making this again, with a few changes. I had 4 leftover tart shells that I froze from when I made those Canadian Living Butter Tarts, so I pulled those out before dinner, & then after dinner I filled them with some butterscotch pudding & sprinkled a little nutmeg & sugar over the top & baked them for 8-10minutes. Those were to die-for, we devoured our 2 each before we even started on our puddings themselves 😛

All in all, a good night with good food & good chill. Peter spent the night kicking butt in Diablo 2: LOD while I played Zelda: twilight princess for wii. I am incredibly jealous of how quickly Peter finished Diablo 2. He went through normal mode & is currently playing on nightmare. Can’t remember exactly. It only took him 3 evenings of playing the game. Meanwhile, the last time I played the game it took me weeks just to get past the stupid Desert area!! (the one area I hate going through). Peter always told me that you can fly through the game if you use a Necromancer, but I didn’t realize they were that awesome 😛 I always use an Assassin. I love her magic spells, the fire trap & her decoy are my favorite. While Peter continues with Diablo, I am in the City in the Sky, in Zelda: twilight princess. I’m just about to get the double hookshot, I have my Oocoo saved in the same room I get it. Or room before, I don’t exactly remember. The massive circular room with all the deku thingies & bats in random places 😛 Once I’m done with this Zelda, I plan on playing the 1st & 2nd one, Ocarina of Time & then Majora’s Mask for the N64.

Here are some photos of the food, click the thumbnails or photos for the full size picture =)

Have a pleasant day!!!